Testimonials – Prosthetic Eye Patients


 Prosthetic Eye Patient Testimonials

We are proud of the prosthetic eye services we provide. Here are some stories from our patients to help you understand who we are and why we do what we do. If you would like to send a testimonial to be displayed on the site, please email us.  Specify if you would like to remain anonymous.

  • My eye injury happened in 1966 at the age of 4 years old, a lifetime ago- over half a century. While many memories of childhood are faint and faded; I have distinct and terrifying memories of my experience getting my first artificial eye. A child sitting in that big chair, the smells, the noises. I outgrew that artificial eye and had to go through that experience yet again at the age of 12. I remember the multiple times returning to the office located in the back of the optometrist office. The days upon days- the grinding noise of the machine grinding the eye to fit. That eye- poor fitting and faded I kept for the next 44 years. I was petrified and became that 4 year old little boy every time I have visited the eye doctor. Every time. That little boy in the big chair, a lifetime ago, with no knowledge of what was happening. Technology certainly has changed in 52 years, but the thing that has helped me to relax in this environment is the simple conversation and communication that has taken place throughout the process. It in many ways has made me feel like a big boy in a little chair. I’m not sure why, but I feel like a half century of fear and anxiety has been lifted.


  • "Friendly atmosphere. We were greeted at the door, they remembered our name and were very personal and helpful. They offered us coffee, tea, and cold water. I highly recommend them"

    James Chavis ,

  • This family has been the best. Way friendly people. You can feel the love when you walk in the office.

    Bennie Hayes, Henderson, NC ,

  • I have been bringing my dad here for 20 plus years. This is his third eye. Wouldn’t take him anywhere else! I observed all of the staff with a 2 ½ year old patient. Everyone was great with that little boy who must have been terrified. Carolina Eye Prosthetics was fantastic to the 2 year old and my 83 year old dad. Definitely the place to go for anyone needing their services.

    Family of Charles Brooks,

  • The office has a nice waiting area - comfortable place to be.

    Jasmin Patterson,

  • My experience with Carolina Eye Prosthetics has been extremely positive. My family has been coming here since the early 80's, beginning with my oldest brother Ryan and then my brother Tommy and me. The staff is very knowledgeable and caring. Whenever an adjustment was needed, the staff responded quickly. I live around 9 hours away so it was great to be worked into their schedule. Anna and Emily are great, as well as the office staff. I highly recommend Carolina Eye Prosthetics.

    Dustin P. Purdue,

  • I am now in my late 50's and have had a prosthetic eye since, I was 22 years old, and although this is the first eye made by Carolina Eye Prosthetics, it is my favorite of all! I love how it fits and feels. Thank you so much :)

    Peggy L. John,

  • This was the second place that has made my eye. First place was awful. I am very satisfied with the service. Blessings to Patrick who originally made my eye.

    Brenda Ramsey,

  • Anna Boyd Jefferson has been a blessing to our family. We drive from Charlotte (2 hours) twice a year and we are happy to do so. She is professional, personable and her prosthetics are superior. She spends ample time with us and wants to make sure we are happy. She genuinely cares for her clients. We thoroughly checked her references before switching to her and the doctors from Duke, Wake, Chapel Hill, and ECU all called us back with glowing remarks. Thank you! Anna, you are truly a blessing to our family.

    -Julie and Donna,

  • I was injured while on active duty in the military. You all and your awesome work has helped restore my confidence that I lost over the years while enduring my injury. I often get called a hero for the service to my country, but you guys are my hero. Thank you for what you do!

    anonymous by request,

  • I always feel special when I leave here. I know I will look my best when the girls get done. It always feels like family here. I love it.

    Monica A. Perry,

  • Thank You for what you do. Carolina Eye Prosthetics – the very best ocularists in the world. Love, Love, Love this office. Anna is the best!

    Lynn Cox,

  • I enjoy coming here, and you do perfect work!

    anonymous by request,

  • I enjoyed the visit with the ocularist who was friendly and funny. Very patient and just was very professional with a sense of humor to put patient at ease.

    anonymous by request,

  • Everyone here is so friendly and caring, I know when I do have to come in I am in good hands.

    anonymous by request,

  • The waiting room is very clean and comfortable. I want to take my shoes off and nap.

    Jasmin Patterson,

  • Anna is very knowledgeable as an ocularist. They are highly sensitive to blind people. Carolina Eye Prosthetics has been great about scheduling me when I come into town. I live in California, but got my prosthesis in Burlington, NC.

    Karen Rose,

  • The ocularist was very patient and friendly! Did a great job. The craftsmanship was excellent!

    Robert Webb,

  • Regina Payne

    "Carolina Eye Prosthetics has given me self-confidence. Everyone is amazed how close my prosthetic looks to the real thing."

    Regina Payne,

  • “I have a 16 year old son, so his image is very important to him. We came to Mr. Boyd’s office to get a new eye made. (The patient) was not happy with the way it looked and said he would just wear the old one. Mr. Boyd said , “No problem. We’ll work on it until we get it right.” That made (the patient) so happy. It’s nice to know that (CEPI) knows how important it is to their patients on how they look and will go out of their way to make changes. Yes, it may have taken two days, but I didn't care. We would have stayed all week if that is what it would have taken. I want to thank all of the (providers) who go the extra step to make sure his patient is happy.”

    The Pritchett Family (Beaufort, NC),

  • “We had been seen by several ocularists before we found Carolina Eye Prosthetics. Our daughter suffered with infection and evasive tearing due to a poor fit. There is a closer ocularist, but not better. We love everyone at Carolina Eye Prosthetics.”

    (Anonymous at patient's request),

  • ”My daughter, Julia, first came to CEPI when she was only one year old. They did a wonderful job on an eye for her. We tried another practice, but we just were not happy. They are the best ocularists around and we are happy to have them helping our little girl.”

    Winston, Heather Stainback,

  • "I have been coming here for 12 years from Virginia. I had a prosthesis made somewhere else not knowing about the Boyds and had constant problems. I was referred here and have not had any problems at all. They are great and I will continue to come here forever. No one can tell I have a false eye. Thanks so much for doing such fine work.”

    Brenda Ramsey,

  • "Hi. My name is Cody Kirsch and I was 18 months old when I received my first eye. I am now two and a half years old and this is my second eye. Pat Boyd does my eyes. I'm scared of him, but he does a terrific job (Mom and Dad says). I am from Mt. Airy, NC”

    Cody Kirsch,

  • “We thank God for the Boyd Family. In 2004, Brent lost his eye. It was so hard on him to go anywhere or look up at anyone. On August 13, 2004, he got his prosthetic and it made him smile. We love each one in the office. Now we can have a family picture made all together and have him smile. Thank you so much. May God bless you all.”

    The Holt Family (Misty),

  • “[This was] our first experience with an eye prosthetic [since] Charles lost his eye. We have never had anyone be as caring as the Boyd Family at Carolina Eye Prosthetics."

    Charles and Peggy Brown,

  • "I have been coming to Mr. Pat Boyd now for about 19 years. I have been very pleased with my prostheses. This trip will be the second one I've had done. Great comments have been made on the first prosthetic, counting on great ones on the second prosthetic. Thank you so much!"

    Regina A. Fields (Lumberton, NC),

  • "I was very pleased with the work that was done for my eye. (Anna) matched it to a "T". I can't tell if its my left eye or right. They do very, very good work."

    Shirley Payton,

  • "When I had to have my eye enucleated due to cancer, I thought life could never be the same again. Then my doctor referred me to Carolina Eye Prosthetics, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in quite a while. At first I was skeptical, but Anna put me at such ease I didn't have a worry after I had been there five minutes. The results were astonishing. I cannot even tell the difference between both eyes, and my friends and family have been absolutely amazed at the results. That is skill at its finest. It has changed my whole self image, and anyone who is facing the prospect of having to have a prosthestics need not worry. You could not be in better hands. The most amazing thing is that I don't even realize the prosthesis is in my eye because it is so comfortable. Kudos to the Boyd Family. They have to be the best ocularists in the country. "

    Elizabeth Thomas,

  • "Beautiful work! We thank you!"

    Mike Nelson,

  • "The service and staff was kind and courteous in every meaning of the word. If and when I receive another eye, I will definitely come back. To have it done in one day is remarkable. Thank you Carolina Eye Prosthetics."

    Paula Terrell,

  • "Service was excellent. Would highly recommend Carolina Eye Prosthetics. Very satisfied with service and product. Staff very helpful and courteous."

    Angus Jackson,

  • "Very pleased!"

    Luis Encinias,

  • "Awesome, friendly, quality service! Thank you so much!"

    Julie Cain,