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    One question that we are asked frequently in regards to our microphthalmia patients is, “How do you work with children at such a young age?

    An excellent question with no stock answer as every child is different.  An impression is usually needed to get the best fit.  One may wonder, “How will a very young child tolerate an impression of the socket?”  Most likely, they will not cooperate. That is completely okay because newer, faster setting and stronger impression material has been developed over the years.  The impression is painless and our ocularists work quickly and accurately to make this experience as easy on the child and the parents as possible. This process takes less than a minute.   An evalutation under anesthesia can be arranged, but it is hardly ever necessary. Our ocularists allot more time in the work day when a child is scheduled the child can become a part of the process, tour our lab, and become better acquainted  with our team.  We find once we gain that trust, then cooperation almost always follows.  We also spend much of our day listening to our patient’s parents to make sure that they have a good understanding of our goals.  They are also very much a part of the creative process and their opinion is valued.  For the non-cooperative child, we employ tricks that we have learned over the years to get the best fit and cosmetic result.
    We find that very young babies are rarely bothered by what we are doing as long as they have their pacifyer or bottle.    We find joy in all ages and find that patience and understanding are what is most important when working with young children.
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