Armon Akhlaghi

Armon Akhlaghi is the newest member of the Carolina Eye Prosthetics team. He was selected from several candidates as an Apprentice Ocularist because of his strong work ethic and
compassion.  While he was enrolled at Appalachian State University, Armon was a Resident Assistant where he successfully established a safe community amongst a diverse population by mediating conflicts, tending to each resident’s needs and maintaining confidentiality.  He was awarded NRHH Bronze Pin for excelling in student leadership and also received his certification in mental health first aid.  During his last portion of college, Armon shadowed a chiropractor where he learned the importance of the vitalistic health motel.  Armon graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and minor in Psychology. He is currently enrolled in the American Society of Ocularistry College of Ocularistry and is a member of the Kiwanis organization. He enjoys working out, playing competitive indoor soccer and hiking.  Armon is also a music lover and freestyle raps in his spare time.