• Eye Prosthetics Custom-Crafted for Comfort and Authenticity
  • Eye Prosthetics Custom-Crafted for Comfort and Authenticity

    Our skilled ocularists custom mold each prosthesis to fit you perfectly then paint it by hand for the most natural look.

The Boyd Family

Providing quality service for over 30 years and counting!



The difference between ‘Glass Eye’ and ‘Prosthetic Eye’

A glass eye is an antiquated term referring to a artificial or prosthetic eye. You can no longer find an ocularist that makes glass eyes in the country. They are now made of the highest quality acrylic (methyl methacrylate).

What our patients say

  • The ocularist was very patient and friendly! Did a great job. The craftsmanship was excellent!

    Robert Webb,

  • Regina Payne

    "Carolina Eye Prosthetics has given me self-confidence. Everyone is amazed how close my prosthetic looks to the real thing."

    Regina Payne,

  • “I have a 16 year old son, so his image is very important to him. We came to Mr. Boyd’s office to get a new eye made. (The patient) was not happy with the way it looked and said he would just wear the old one. Mr. Boyd said , “No problem. We’ll work on it until we get it right.” That made (the patient) so happy. It’s nice to know that (CEPI) knows how important it is to their patients on how they look and will go out of their way to make changes. Yes, it may have taken two days, but I didn't care. We would have stayed all week if that is what it would have taken. I want to thank all of the (providers) who go the extra step to make sure his patient is happy.”

    The Pritchett Family (Beaufort, NC),

  • “We had been seen by several ocularists before we found Carolina Eye Prosthetics. Our daughter suffered with infection and evasive tearing due to a poor fit. There is a closer ocularist, but not better. We love everyone at Carolina Eye Prosthetics.”

    (Anonymous at patient's request),

  • ”My daughter, Julia, first came to CEPI when she was only one year old. They did a wonderful job on an eye for her. We tried another practice, but we just were not happy. They are the best ocularists around and we are happy to have them helping our little girl.”

    Winston, Heather Stainback,