• Eye Prosthetics Custom-Crafted for Comfort and Authenticity
  • Eye Prosthetics Custom-Crafted for Comfort and Authenticity

    Our skilled ocularists custom mold each prosthesis to fit you perfectly then paint it by hand for the most natural look.

The Boyd Family

Providing quality service for over 30 years and counting!


patient with prosthetic eye

The difference between ‘Glass Eye’ and ‘Prosthetic Eye’

A glass eye is an antiquated term referring to a artificial or prosthetic eye. You can no longer find an ocularist that makes glass eyes in

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the country. They are now made of the highest quality acrylic (methyl methacrylate).

Our Mission

Carolina Eye Prosthetics, inc continues to grow professionally in our field while maintaining an inviting and pleasant environment. We strive to make the highest quality custom ocular prostheses and provide care tailored to our individual patient’s needs.

What our patients say

  • I am now in my late 50's and have had a prosthetic eye since, I was 22 years old, and although this is the first eye made by Carolina Eye Prosthetics, it is my favorite of all! I love how it fits and feels. Thank you so much :)

    Peggy L. John,

  • This was the second place that has made my eye. First place was awful. I am very satisfied with the service. Blessings to Patrick who originally made my eye.

    Brenda Ramsey,

  • Anna Boyd Jefferson has been a blessing to our family. We drive from Charlotte (2 hours) twice a year and we are happy to do so. She is professional, personable and her prosthetics are superior. She spends ample time with us and wants to make sure we are happy. She genuinely cares for her clients. We thoroughly checked her references before switching to her and the doctors from Duke, Wake, Chapel Hill, and ECU all called us back with glowing remarks. Thank you! Anna, you are truly a blessing to our family.

    -Julie and Donna,

  • I was injured while on active duty in the military. You all and your awesome work has helped restore my confidence that I lost over the years while enduring my injury. I often get called a hero for the service to my country, but you guys are my hero. Thank you for what you do!

    anonymous by request,

  • I always feel special when I leave here. I know I will look my best when the girls get done. It always feels like family here. I love it.

    Monica A. Perry,