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Carolina Eye Prosthetics

At Carolina Eye Prosthetics we strive to provide the best prosthetic eyes.

prosthetic eye patient
"Carolina Eye Prosthetics has given me self-confidence. Everyone is amazed how close my prosthetic looks to the real thing."
~ Regina Payne

We know the concerns patients have about image and comfort. This is why we craft and hand-paint each artificial eye by hand to match its companion as closely as possible. We also take great care in properly fitting the prosthesis to look and feel natural, making you feel self-assured.




  Services Offered:

    • Custom Artificial Eye
    • Custom Conformers
    • Corneal Scleral Shell
  (Ocular prosthesis that fits over a blind eye)

• Refit & Adjustments of Current   Prostheses (to obtain optimal comfort)
• Polishes / Cleanings
• Free Evaluations


Same Day Service for Prosthetic Eyes

Artificial eye patient
A patient shows off his new prosthetic eye.

Our prosthetics are custom made from start to finish in one day. That means our patients can be custom fitted for their new artificial eye which is molded, painted by hand and finished while you wait.


What is a Glass Eye?

A glass eye is an antiquated term referring to a prosthetic eye. You can no longer find an ocularist that makes glass eyes in the country. They are now made of the highest quality acrylic (methyl methacrylate).

Burlington NC Location

Our Accredited Ocularist Lab is centrally located in Burlington, North Carolina, and is convenient for patients from Raleigh, NC, Durham and Chapel Hill to those who live in the Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point North Carolina.


Unsightly Blind Eye?

You may be a good candidate for a corneal scleral shell. Call us for more information.


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